Our Story


Native Seafood and Scran was born out of frustration. The frustration of living on the North Coast of Ireland and not having direct access to the abundance of incredible local seafood.

For to long there has been a void between fishermen and the public and this gap is one that Native wishes to fill. Beginning in the middle of the first lockdown, the business has grown rapidly. Starting off as a modern take on the traditional Fish Mongers method, using online pre-orders and delivery, Native gradually expanded into a full sit in/ takeaway seafood restaurant with fresh fish counter. We pride ourselves on making everything from scratch, to order and only using local seasonal ingredients to accompany our sustainably sourced seafood. 

One of our proudest accomplishments to date would be being recognised as 'Restaurant of the Year' in the Slow Food Awards 2020, and subsequently producing one of our own recipes in The Observer. We look forward to the challenges and freedom a post lockdown world brings us and for the Future of Native.

Rebekah and Stevie