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Lir menus change daily depending on the catch brought in from local boats, the organic veg available from our growers and the foraged goods from our team.

The kitchen team then prepare the ingredients through a variety of processes such as whole fish butchery, fermenting, smoking and curing keeping in line with our nose to tail, zero waste ethos. This is then divided up between our tasting experience, a la carte and fish mongers 


Lirs tasting menu offers experimental cookery and seafood concepts brought to you over a series of courses showcasing the incredible produce native to our land and sea.

 The option is available to pair the food with our homemade juices, cocktails or wine. When booking we request half of the tasting menu deposit to be made of £45, this will be taken off the price at the end of your meal and we can issue a full refund if you can no longer attend the meal and give us over 48 hours notice 


Lirs a la carte option offers a choice of three courses with a range of classic Irish fish dishes, streetfood inspired seafood and experimental cuisine. Alongside this we have an extensive wine menu, seasonal and classic cocktail list and range of craft beers and spirits. No deposit is required for this menu.

Please contact us by phone for booking parties over 8 people x

decorative illustration of seafood
decorative illustration of seafood
decorative illustration of seafood
decorative illustration of seafood